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Carlos Ko

USATT#: 51749

This page explains how Carlos Ko (USATT# 51749)'s rating went from 2364 to 2355 at the 2019 JOOLA North American Teams held on 29 Nov 2019 - 1 Dec 2019. These ratings are calculated by the ratings processor which goes through 4 passes over the match results data for a tournament. The following values are produced at the end of each of the 4 passes of the ratings processor for Carlos Ko for this tournament.

Initial Rating Pass 1 Pass 2 Pass 3 Final Rating (Pass 4)
2364 2354 2364 2364 2355

You can click here to view a table of all the resultant values from each of the 4 passes (and the initial rating) of the ratings processor for all of the 1031 players in this tournament. Sections below for further details on the initial rating and the 4 passes of the ratings processor.

Note: We use mathematical notation to express the exact operations carried out in each pass of the ratings processor below. Whenever you see a variable/symbol such as for example Xi3, we are following the convention that the superscript part of the variable (in this case "3") indicates an index (such as in a series), and it should not be misconstrued to be an exponent (which is how it is used by default).

Initial Rating
The initial rating of a player for a tournament is the rating the player received at the end of the most recent tournament prior to the current tournament. If this is the first tournament the player has ever participated in (based on our records), then the player has no initial rating.

The initial rating for 2019 JOOLA North American Teams held on 29 Nov 2019 - 1 Dec 2019 for Carlos Ko, and its source tournament are as follows:
Initial Rating From Tournament Start Day End Day
2364 2018 Hawaii Island Open 9 Nov 2018 11 Nov 2018

Click here to view the details of the initial ratings for all the players in this tournament.

Pass 1 Rating
In Pass 1, we only consider all the players that come into this tournament with an initial rating while ignoring all the unrated players. If a rated player has a match against an unrated player, then that match result is ignored from the pass 1 calculations as well. We apply the point exchange table shown below to all the matches participated in by the rated players:

Point Spread Expected Result Upset Result
0 - 12 8 8
13 - 37 7 10
38 - 62 6 13
63 - 87 5 16
88 - 112 4 20
113 - 137 3 25
138 - 162 2 30
163 - 187 2 35
188 - 212 1 40
213 - 237 1 45
238 and up 0 50

Suppose player A has an initial rating of 2000 and player B has an initial rating of 2064, and they played a match against each other. When computing the impact of this match on their rating, the "Point Spread" (as it is referred to in the table above) between these two players is the absolute value of the difference their initial ratings. When the player with the higher rating wins, presumably the better player won, which is the expected outcome of a match, and therefore the "Expected Result" column applies. If the player with the lower rating wins the match, then presumably this is not expected, and therfore it is deemed as an "Upset Result" and the value from that column in the table above is used. So, in our example of player A vs player B, if player B wins the watch, then the expected outcome happens, and 5 points are added to player B's rating and 5 points are deducted from player A's rating. Looking at Carlos Ko's match results and applying the point exchange table, gives us the following result:

Carlos Ko's Wins
Winner Loser
Point Spread Outcome Gain Player USATT # Rating Player USATT # Rating
94 EXPECTED 4 Carlos Ko 51749 2364 Sabrina Zhu 91046 2270
572 EXPECTED 0 Carlos Ko 51749 2364 Enrique Rios 1132378 1792
43 EXPECTED 6 Carlos Ko 51749 2364 Manuel Gomez 73108 2321
167 EXPECTED 2 Carlos Ko 51749 2364 Derek Torres 220582 2197
448 EXPECTED 0 Carlos Ko 51749 2364 Harrison Ngo 89471 1916
252 EXPECTED 0 Carlos Ko 51749 2364 Martin P. P. Del Vecchio 18168 2112

Carlos Ko's Losses
Winner Loser
Point Spread Outcome Loss Player USATT # Rating Player USATT # Rating
60 UPSET -13 Sarah Isabel Jalli 94697 2304 Carlos Ko 51749 2364
34 EXPECTED -7 Alexander M Wu 92296 2398 Carlos Ko 51749 2364
141 EXPECTED -2 Ted Chensheng Li 89340 2505 Carlos Ko 51749 2364