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League Name City State League Directors
Minnesota Open RR Minneapolis MN Mitchell Seidenfeld
Central Carolinas Super League Charlotte NC Bill ENGLEBRETH, Kenneth J Nissel, Jie Zhang Nissel, Andrew Sinclair
Hot Shot League Jersey City NJ Gaelan Mullins
LYTTC Friday Pro League Dunellen NJ Steve Akselrod, Judy Hugh
Matchpoint TTC Friday League Whippany NJ Bochao Li
Matchpoint TTC Wednesday League Whippany NJ Bochao Li
NJTTC Friday League Springfield NJ Jack Y. Lam, Hoang Do
NJTTC Monday League Springfield NJ Christopher B. Lehman, Constantin Okrainets, Davis Kam, Bryan Young
NJTTC Super League Westfield NJ Douglas Li
NJTTC Thursday Adv League Springfield NJ Davis Kam, Constantin Okrainets